Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Passing By Behind Your Eyes

“Passing By Behind Your Eyes” is the 3rd full length Pretty Lights album released on October 6th 2009.

PBBYE was produced and engineered by Derek Vincent Smith for Pretty Lights Music Inc

mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios

Album design & layout by Michal Menert (

01 World Of Illusion

02 Sunday School

03 Short Cut/Detour

04 If I Could Feel Again

05 Someday Is Everyday

06 Fly Away Another Day

07 Can’t Stop Me Now

08 Let Em Know It’s Time To Go

09 Lonesome Street

10 City Of One

11 Dark As The Sky (co produced w/ Michal Menert)

12 Keep Em Bouncin

13 Ask Your Friends

ps…  There will be an updated text file available in the next couple days that explains my approach to this album as well as the reason I named the album “Passing By Behind Your Eyes”, and an explanation of what each track means to me. I just couldn’t delay this release more. Check back for the new text file soon.



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