Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Future of Music Industry

What’s the future of music industry? Hmm…

When we initally started working on this project, we were on wrong track. We started coming up with weird ideas like, there will be music when we strum the air, there wouldn’t be a need for musical instruments, soundwaves will be travelling in the air. . . I know. Have a good laugh.


But after much thought and research, we realised that we were on the wrong track. Such ‘amazing’ things would not happen just 3 to 5 years down the road. It had to relate to what was going on now. Hence we analysed..

In the beginning years, sheet music was being introduced, followed by music records. But right now, everyone is downloading music online from file sharing applications such as Ares, Limewire, Kazaa and more. These are illegal!  But on the contrary…

Recently, a new software has been launched called ‘Spotify’ which is legal. Through this software, one can listen to free streaming of songs. However, there will be advertisements that will be played in the midst. This software is now available in a few phones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony ericsson. Enjoy!

There was more that I learnt while working for this project. There is a website called MySpace where junior artists like you and me can create albums and upload them online for the public to hear. The famous singer Colbie Caillat had record companies knocking on her door only after she showcased her talent on MySpace! Who knows, tomorrow it might be me. =)

So in future, relating back to the problem about people downloading songs online rather than buying cds, probably there might not be any record production. Instead, all tracks might just be uploaded online for downloading. You may still have to pay though due to the digital and legal downloading of tracks. You can digitally download tracks from iTunes.

The music trend sure is evolving from time to time.

Sheet music to Records to Online music downloads.. What comes next? We’ll wait and see..



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