Friday, September 25, 2009

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol (pdf and epub)

I  am a Dan Brown fan. The new book was released on 15th.The Lost Symbol already broke some sale records. For me sitting in Bangladesh i can’t get my hands on it yet. If  i wait for say couple of  months i will be able to get a pirated copy for $1.5 in local market. well skipping that step i found some pdf and epub of the book already in torrents and in file sharing sites.

Here is a book review worth reading (click here)

This files weren’t uploaded by me so i can’t be held responsible. last time I posted something like this and got a google notice

If you like the book please buy the original one. Support the writer.

If you don’t know about epub format check older posts about it.

here are the links

Direct Download:

PDF(with chapter bookmark)

PDF (without chapter bookmark)





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