Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mark Milly – Milly Gotta Get That x Making Me Mad (30 Days/30 Songs: Day Fourteen x Fifteen)

So today, on yours truly’s birthday, I present you two Mark Milly tracks. One should have been posted yesterday and one today but I was busy yesterday *hint, busy meaning getting an iPhone* but here is what Milly says about Milly Gotta Get That:

Milly Gotta Get That: takes it back a few years on this Styles P instrumental of “Daddy gotta get that (cash)” He was requested to spit over this beat by Ms.Jade Tucker (@jadeyysomajor) who is from New Jersey. This is one of his least favorite joints but hey! Ya’ can’t like every single song that you record! He even messed up while recordingPay Attention… its jus a freestyle, HAVE FUN WIT IT…. for wit it is.. short n sweet….. this track and chose to leave it for the world to hear!

And what he says about the birthday track, “Making Me Mad”:

Making Me Mad: Recorded over Rihanna’s ‘Rehab’, this 1 of Milly’s favorite tracks that he’s done and 1 of the 1st where he seriously began harmonizing on record and testing out his singing abilities. It’s equipped with a guest appearance from Mr.Holiday Hustle himself and details some of the reasons why/how chicks can make a dude mad! Can u relate?!

You can get both of these dope tracks after the break.

- iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Milly Gotta Get That

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Making Me Mad

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